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    I am having a difficult time creating a file/report to use for my taxes. I would like to have all information related to a dollar amount included. For example, when I export reservation line items, I cannot see the specific date of an item, or the name of the reservation holder that it is attached to. As a result, I have no idea whether the data submitted in the date range I entered is for reservations that were booked during that time period or for reservations that actually took place during that time period. Please help. I feel like I can’t get good information from this program.

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    @heather-wheatley Also, I cannot tell in the line-item report whether the reservation came from AirBnb or HomeAway. So, I do not know if the tax was collected and remitted by AirBnb or if I need to report and remit it (HomeAway). Am I missing the report that everyone uses to figure their taxes? When I signed up, I was told that I could make any kind of report I wanted to.

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    @Heather-Wheatley We run 4 reports:
    We go to Setup > API & Data Access >>

    Manual export
    And then export these reports:
    Line Items

    And then … the fun starts … Do you know how to work with Excel?0_1548457226148_tax reporting.jpg

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