How do I add a section (like Reviews or Amenities) to my property pages on my website?

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    Reviews and Amenities are not clickable (they show in the top level menu on my website but not navigable. ) I find instructions about setting this up on a single property website, but the instructions don’t seem to work for my multi property site.
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    @Carole Good catch- I have updated that help article, as it hadn’t caught up with our latest round of website editor update.

    In your case, you are using a multi-property website, which means that the Amenities and Reviews sections are present on the Property template; it’s a template because it is the structure that each of your individual properties will use when being displayed on your website.

    You can add/remove elements to the structure. Your property is missing the Amenities and Reviews sections. Head to the property template page: Websites > My Websites > [select your site] > Pages & Content. Then for the Property [Template] page select: Actions > Advanced Page Editor.

    Then you have two choices:

    1) Remove them from the property section links at the top:


    2) Add the Amenities and Reviews sections:

    These property-specific components show up in the Dynamic Components section on the left. You can drag these into the property template page wherever you want.


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