Pricing irregularities with MyVR & PriceLabs sync???

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    For some reason I am now having a few issues with my MyVR pricing.

    In the past I would set-up "Custom Prices" for each week of the year (I only book full weeks with check-in/check-out on Saturdays). This works flawlessly for more than two years.

    About 6-months ago I started using dynamic pricing with PriceLabs and everything worked as before nut with PriceLabs adjusting prices up and down on MyVR Custom Weeks.

    About a month ago I noticed that this was no longer happening as in the past and for some reason, on my "Rental Rates" page I now had full weeks still listed (Custom that I had set-up) but also each day seperately for entire year.

    When I looked further at these day rate one by one, each of them had NO restrictions of 7-day minimum and there was NO restriction of Saturday to Saturday change-overs. So I deleted everything and set-up day by day for entire year of 2019 with "7-Day" minimum stay and Saturday chage-overs.

    Now today I notice that the cheange-over day is missign again plus under rental rates for March 2 - 9, 2019 it shows $418.00 for each night (which is what I have PriceLabs set for), when I use MyVR "Price Tester", it shows different rates for each night. This is also what is neing pushed to HomeAway/VRBO...NOT the price of $418.00 per night which is what I want.

    Any ideas why this is happening? Why is change-over NOT staying as constant? Why is MyVR pushing a different rate to Homeaway/VRBO instead of what my Rental Rates show on MyVR and on PriceLabs?


    John H

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