We Upgraded the HomeAway Connection! Benefit from Consistent Pricing and Rate Changes

  • MyVR Employee

    Our latest product update makes it easier for you to convert bookings on HomeAway with consistent pricing & rate updates.

    What’s changing with the upgrade:

    • Consistent pricing: This upgrade is designed to ensure that the price you intend to charge is what travelers consistently see at search, checkout, and all the way through booking. In the past we used real-time quoting which likely had travelers seeing a different price at search versus checkout. Since up to 50% of travelers will walk away from a booking if they see different prices), HomeAway made an important change to Consistent Pricing.

    • Push updates: HomeAway will no longer do a real-time quote to your MyVR system. Instead, MyVR will instantly push any rate changes you make to the HomeAway platform to be processed.

    What are the benefits?

    • More conversions: Travelers are less likely to abandon a booking when the price is the same at checkout

    • More data: Price consistency is the foundation to powerful HomeAway data. HomeAway can offer Market Level data for supply, demand, occupancy, pricing and forecasting with it.

    • More visibility: Eligibility for distribution to the 675M visits to the Expedia Group family of sites every month.

    • A total benefit by being with MyVR: Because MyVR is both a channel manager and a PMS, we can show pricing on channels in the most accurate way possible and instantly process any rate changes you make to the HomeAway platform. Most traditional channel managers are stuck using stale data from other PMS systems. That means many of the pricing tools that those systems offer only modify the live quote data - meaning the rate tables are not using the manager's best pricing. So, we're tooting our own horn just a little bit 🙂

    What you need to do:

    Most of our customers have been upgraded automatically, and if you haven't, we've reached out to you.

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