Why does it say NO WEBSITE in my property list?

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    Why does it say “NO WEBSITE” next to all of my properties?
    Is this because I am only using a multi-property website.
    Could I also setup individual websites for my homes if I wanted to?
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    @Carole You got it right - it is an indicator that the property has no dedicated, individual website; if it’s a member of a multi-property website (which it is in your case), it shows “No Website” as you indicated.

    To your other question, yes, you can set up a website for a single property if you’d like. If you add a website in MyVR, you are presented with three types:

    • Single Property Website: showcasing one property
    • Multiple Property Website: a site with all properties, with integrated search
    • Owner Portal: a tool for property managers that allows their owners to log in and see information about their property

    I think the messaging you highlight could be better - No Website is a bit misleading in your case. We will look to make it better/remove it.

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    Thanks @Markus. Did you see one of the other questions I had, regarding the links for Amenities and Reviews. Is it possible that I need to have single websites as well in order for these to function?

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    @Carole Not having a single property website in place shouldn’t have an effect on anything else in your account with respect to that property and what information can be show. Can you direct message me where I can find your other question?

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    @Carole Update: we removed the No Website label. You will only see the website information there if a single-property website for that property exists. The property may be on multi-property websites, but those won’t show up under the property name.

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