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    I have one listing on MyVR. Added another recently. Would like this second listing to be on a month to month subscription (vs first which is annual). How do I do that? Also would like separate notification process for second listing - separate email/phone for guest communication. How do I do that?

  • Hi @W-Keith-Courtney,

    Everything Bundle plans are available on an annual basis only, as they include the cost of an annual HomeAway listing in the bundle. Will the new property be listed on HomeAway?

    You can update notifications in your Setup. Although you can’t have two “Primary Notification” contacts, you can arrange notification rules:

    Go to Setup > Notifications > Notification Rules and click “new rule.” You could name the rule after the new property, assign it to a new contact’s phone/email and check each Event box desired. Once your rule is set up, click “Create” and test using the Testing Tool.


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