How to handle TripAdvisor reservation requests

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    I need to confirm a hypothesis here. I have looked for documentation but haven't found any. We had a reservation request come in from Trip Advisor, and we accepted the request through the MyVR platform. The request showed confirmed in MyVR, but we kept getting "your message has been blocked" emails, and eventually we were told by TripAdvisor that since we had not accepted the request, it had expired. This morning the same guest resubmitted the request, and this time I accepted through the TripAdvisor platform -- and all looks good in both places. We don't get that many reservations from there, so it is possibly just my middle-aged brain that has forgotten the process. 🙂 Can someone just confirm for me that it is necessary to go through the TripAdvisor platform for reservation requests, and possibly all other reservation activities (such as changing dates, etc.) rather than MyVR? And/or point me to the documentation that tells me how to deal with TripAdvisor reservations from the integrated viewpoint? Thanks so much!

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    And as a follow-up question, is anyone using the instant booking through TripAdvisor? Are there any downsides to it?

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    @ann-karako - I haven't used them recently, but when I did, my understanding was that you still had to log onto Trip Advisor to process/accept the booking. Once accepted, you would have all the info within MyVR to communicate directly with the guest.

  • @Ann-Karako Jenny is correct, you will want to accept the booking on TripAdvisor's dashboard.

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