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    We are gathering additional details from the guest after they book their reservation. The information we gather will be passed to third parties for identity verification (eg. IDology) and a soft background check (eg. Safely Stay). I want to be able to store the results in the reservation object's custom fields.

    Is there no way we can PUT or PATCH with new information using the API?


    Specifically, we want to update the guest email address, physical street address and add the results of the background check, identity verification and maybe more.

    I understand some reservations are locked, depending on the channel but surely we can still have access to custom fields?


    A potential work around, although not ideal (the same guest can have more than 1 reservation), would be to update the contact object using "notes.reservation". Any thoughts here?


    I see there's a transactional email called "Contact Information Request" which seems like a great way to capture real email addresses and phone number. Unfortunately, that message never makes it to the guest. I've tested in many times.




    Any guidance or best practices would be awesome.

    Thank you,

  • Hey Steven,

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay here, I believe we may have already responded privately with some things to try. I wanted to jump in here with some quick details in case anyone stumbles on this thread.

    There are a couple of very new features in the Developer API that we haven't had a chance to fully document. It is possible to update a small number of fields on reservations. The biggest use case for most consumers of the Developer API currently is likely the customFields attribute.

    On a reservation object, there is a customFields field where you can send a json dictionary of key (name of the custom field) and value (value for the updated reservation).

    For example, if you were updating a reservation with a door code, and you had configured a custom field from your MyVR account with the name "door code" you would send
    a PATCH request to the Reservation endpoint with the following to set the door code to 123:

    customFields: {
    "door code": "123"

    Note: This works for both Properties and Reservations. You'll want to be sure that you've created the custom field under either the Property tab for property custom fields or the Reservation tab for reservation custom fields here: https://account.myvr.com/account/#/setup/customfields/reservation/

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks @CJ-Avilla - this is fantastic news! I am working with you guys privately to get it to work but am thrilled that updates are possible.

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