Is there any way to stop the default booking message from going out?

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    We would like to NOT send the default booking message when a reservation has the Owner Portal source. Is there a way to customize so it only goes out for all other sources? Even better would be a different default booking message for EACH source – is that possible?

  • Hi Ann,

    Yes, there is a way to stop the default booking message from going out automatically. See instructions below.

    Although there is not a way to customize the automation settings for booking source, that would be a great item to submit to our feature suggestions!

    To edit settings for your automated emails:

    Navigate to Automation > Transactional Emails > find your “Reservation Booked” email. Toggle your send settings for the specific email as desired and save.

    0_1544814861657_Settings 2.png


    I wouldn’t recommend turning it off completely unless you know there is an upcoming time frame in which many owners will be booking the property.

    If you do turn it off, I would recommend setting a daily reminder to manually send booking emails to non-owner reservations, or a reminder to turn the automated message back on.

    Lastly, here’s a nice overview of automation for reference.


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    @anne-kohn Thanks! I appreciate the suggestions. We don’t want to turn it off completely. We might need to find another solution. But thanks anyway! 🙂

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