Community Forum Highlights (11/27/18-12/3/18)

  • MyVR Employee

    Sneak peek alert! Interested in testing a new way to connect all of your Apps with MyVR? Join the MyVR Zapier beta. It currently supports a wide number of triggers and actions related to inquiries, messages, reservations, and payments. Send an email to for instructions to get started.

    Resurrecting @Blane-Kingsmore's thread: MyVR now supports custom reservation fields in message templates, so you can automatically include important information for guests. (Think: gate and door codes, etc.) Thank you to everyone who voted for this feature. Keep the votes coming!

    @Ann-Karako asked what happens to reservations when a property has been deactivated. Deactivating a property will not affect reservations already scheduled. Learn more here.

    Did we miss a post that you thought was great? Add a link to it in the comments below.

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