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    How do you incorporate an FAQ section into the site? Is there a widget or something for that? I thought about doing it under the blog section but I want to be able to organize the questions based on topics.


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    @sherry-woodhouse If you have a specific format, you could start with a blank page in the layout editor and then set up each section with a title and text? You could even add photos that way where helpful. That would let you customize each question based on what you need to be clear.

    In case you’re talking about a more extensive resource for your guests, I’d recommend an online guestbook service. That’s what I use. I’d love to see MyVR partner with a service like that in our app section. There are several that offer that, but I don’t know if we’re allowed to mention them here.


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    @Jenny-Oest , thanks for your reply and suggestion. I don't quite think that would work. Right now this is what I have on the site - https://makeitjamaica.com/faqs/. The FAQs are actually in pressbooks and was based on a suggestion from Matt many years ago. I want to get rid of that. For one thing, it slows down the site - I think. (Takes forever to open). Secondly, it takes the reader out of myVR into pressbooks and in 2018, it just doesn't look professional enough. I want to keep the concept of what I have but have it within myVR. People ask those questions all the time and I think they would be better as FAQs than purely blog posts.

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    @sherry-woodhouse in that case I'd just try option one 🙂

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