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    Hi all,
    We are using the LA Modern template which uses the slide show as the background. Is there a way to get a plain background. The images showing through to the text is very distracting and also makes it hard to read the writing.



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    Hi Sherry,

    First, I will say that I took a peek at your website and think it's great! I love the high-quality pictures of your property.

    Although there's not a way to select a plain color background, you can modify elements of your website template via the Layout Editor to help text stand out. The slideshow is a layout element you can edit, remove, or replace with a still image. You can also change the color of the font overlaid on your images to help it stand out. Read more here.

    I would recommend testing any changes in a "copy" website first.

    To access the Layout Editor in MyVR go to Websites > Click the 3-line drop down on the right-hand side > Edit Website > Layout Editor > Select the Home page > Open Layout Editor.

    When the editor opens you'll see a green pop-up that says "hover over an item to edit or change its settings." Hover over your slideshow and click the gear icon in the top left, then go to "Options" to change how quickly images cycle.

    You can also hover over the slideshow element and click the trash icon in the top right to delete. Then, you can drag & drop a new element to replace it.

    Hope this helps!


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