Anyone using VacationSoup?

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    Not sure if this is an automation question or more like blog syndication. Still . . .

    Just wondering if anyone on MYVR is using VacationSoup to syndicate their blog posts and drive traffic to their rental web site? Supposedly there is a plug-in to install which does this but it seems a bit more complex process for MYVR sites. I'm told it can be done without the plug-in but no real details there so I was looking to see if anyone had any experience with them.



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    @darrell-looney112 - I thought the vacation soup was a word press website for your property with a blog attached? The only way to have that blog drive traffic to your actual website, would be to host both on the same domain? At least that's the premise I use with my blog - it's a subpage of my domain - but my main website is MyVR.

    Just curious - What is the benefit that you're looking to achieve with Vacation Soup that you can't achieve by blogging in the same way on your own website?

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    They have reportedly updated their plug-in to allow use on non-Wordpress sites. Since I don't really use wordpress I was wondering if I could get it to work with MYVR.

    Trying to gain broader exposure to our site and build domain authority in our market since we're writing useful and in-depth articles on traveling in our area.


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