MyVR <> Zapier Custom Integration

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    I'm also interested in knowing how you are using some of these other applications in your business - the ones Zapier is connecting to MyVR? Slack, Asana, Podio, Zero, Twilio...

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    Thanks for the post, Steven!

    You are correct that MyVR has a beta of a Zapier integration. We started it a while back and have never officially launched it out of beta. I'd be happy to add anyone that is interested to the beta, we'd love the feedback. It currently supports a wide number of triggers and actions related to inquiries, messages, reservations, and payments.

    If you are interested in the beta, send an email to and we'll provide instructions for accessing it. As Steven outlines, it's a great way to connect your MyVR account to thousands of other applications, no technical skills required.

    Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the beta.


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    @mike-stachowiak said in MyVR <> Zapier Custom Integration:

    Thanks Mike, I've just sent my email request.

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    @Carole , @Jenny-Oest , @Basil-Kezios and @Steven-Talbott-0 - excited to share that we're hosting our Zapier webinar tomorrow at 11:30 am PST tomorrow! Registration is required.

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    @jess-milligan - I'm registered! See you there.

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    Registered - looking forward to this!

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    @jess-milligan - I have a last minute conflict that I can't rearrange so I'll miss this. Will it be recorded???



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    I connected my account to Zapier today and was able to create a Zap to add a new reservation to a Google Sheet. A few things I'm not sure about and would love some insight, if anyone knows.

    1. When I create a new reservation two rows with the same date are created on my Google sheet (GS). I have the First, Last, Check-In and Check-Out fields populating the GS. Can't figure out why that is happening. Unless it's moving both the Reservation and the Quote over.

    2. In Zapier, there is a message "Webhook Subscription Not Found. No Subscription! Please contact support if this persists." I'm not sure if this is a MyVR issue or a Zapier issue. This message wasn't appearing when I first created the Zap. After testing and modifying it appeared and is persisting. Best I can tell it is not affecting the GS update.

    Lastly, if anyone is using Zapier to manage a shared Google sheet for housekeeping, I'd love to learn more from you.

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    @mary-freiberg Hi Mary,

    I've been working on the same thing: The reservation trigger to google sheets!

    There are some known glitches in my applications. The double row entries are one of them. Hoping that will be resolved soon. The second is regarding some of the financial field contents.

    I'm using another Zap that is triggered via email whenever a reservation is booked. (I use the email parser because this pre-dates the Beta trial of the MyVR api interface.) What data would you like to populate into the housekeeping worksheet? If it's available in the custom fields we now have, that may be an immediate solution for you?

    • Jenny

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    Do you guys have any "Line Item" fields dropping to the Google Sheet? That can cause multiple rows to be created because of the nature of line items.

    Line items are seen mostly in financial context and equivalent to a receipt from the grocery store.

    If I buy an apple, an orange and a banana, costing $0.50, $0.75 and $0.50 and decided to write the information from the receipt to Google sheets, it would drop as three rows:

    Name. Item. Qty. Price.
    Steven. Bananna. 1. $0.50
    Steven. Apple. 1. $0.50
    Steven. Orange. 1. $0.75

    I didn't see you mention any line item
    fields but wanted to mention it. There are many ways around this using Zapier's formatter action. You can find more details here:

    I'm happy to help if you have specific questions. I can't think of any other reasons this would happen, especially because Zapier remembers what data has already been processed. It could be a glitch, like you said but I haven't experienced it (yet!).

    Steven Talbott

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