Is this a new fee for us?

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    So I see that "payments" has changed to "finances" and I see that there is a HomeAway for PM tab with charges - Are we going to be charged a fee now for each booking?0_1542730382890_my vr fees.jpg

  • MyVR Employee

    This new feature is part of our Product Update we rolled out earlier this month. See the full description with FAQs here, and our community post as well.

    The Finances tab serves to show the difference between the channel commissions and MyVRs commissions on a per-reservation basis. We've always had this fee, and have just changed how we break it out and collect it.

    You can download a full report of the MyVR commission fees from any month in the Billing > Invoices > Commission Invoices section. See this screenshot for an example of where to download the transaction data:


    And you can also get a .CSV report using a custom date range from the Setup > API & Data Access > Exports > Manual Exports > Expenses section

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