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    Re: Collecting additional guest information

    As I begin my transition over to MYVR, I’m letting go of my old PDF via email guest reservation agreement. On the one hand I am so glad to be moving onward from it, but I am now in need of creating a form that I can use to gather data from our guests. Currently we request the name and age of everyone staying in our properties, flight or cruiseship arrival and departure details and also any optional tours and daytrips they would like to add to their booking.
    I’ve read here that folks use various form apps to do this. I was wondering if anyone who is currently using this method might share a link and any tips on the best way to accomplish this.

  • Hi @Carole,

    This post might be of interest to you. Several people gave examples of how they collect additional guest information.

    Collecting additional guest information


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    Thanks Danny. This was the thread that lead me as far as I’ve gotten 🙂 I was hoping maybe someone could share their success and perhaps an example of what they use.

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