Issues with automatic resizing of images.

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    We have a photo on our Home page. It looks fine. When we go to another page the bottom of the photo disapears. It appears that the auto-resizing wants to focus on the center of the page. When I shrink the page, I looks fine. It also looks fine in the "tablet" and "cell" settings.0_1542585994517_Website correct.jpg
    This is an important photo since is shows the view from our rooof top. I don't want to take a photo showing all the buildings at the bottom of the photo.
    The same happens on photos that are sized properly (1920X1440). I need to show a photo of the entire room. I end up showing the ceiling and the lights...
    This is what I get
    0_1542586160189_Website long.jpg

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    Hi @Danny-Eiden and @Tristan-Brotherton
    While researching how to fix my issue with the resizing of the photos, I read the thread Best photo size for Classic Luxury template. It appears that I am experiencing the same issues.
    Is the only way to adjust the photos by cropping them?

    @Tristan-Brotherton you had mentioned on that thread:

    " stop before you crop - (was going to make a rhyme there) We can probably achieve what you want, with custom CSS.
    Would you like the slideshow images to be moved "up" a little?"

    I feel there is a combination of tweaking with the CSS - it seems something you do on your side - and cropping the photos to show what I want.

  • @basil-kezios That thread is a great place to start, and to confirm MyVR does have defaults for how we display photos on templates.

    Users can crop photos and/or adjust the photos with custom CSS. MyVR also has a comprehensive Website Template Design paid service in our Marketplace, however, I'm thinking that may be more than you need in this case.

    This resource explains how to embed custom CSS on a specific page of your website. Through some research I found easy-to-digest CSS tips for adjusting images here.

    I hope this helps!


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    @Basil-Kezios Do you want to align the image with the bottom of the banner, like this?


    If that's the case, follow the instructions for adding custom CSS to the page you want to do it too, and add css code to change the background position. (the default is middle - which works well for most people as it centers on the middle of the photograph). Assuming you want to align to the bottom as shown in my example you'd want to add the CSS as follows:

    .page-banner-container .page-banner {
        background-position: bottom !important;

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