Is there a way to get a 30 trial on the upgraded owner version?

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    I would like to try the upgraded version of MyVR but it wants me to pay in advance for a whole year. What is the cancellation policy and do they offer a trial or anything to see if it even is worth it to me. I have a single vacation property I want to add online that I currently have listed only on HomeAway. I want to evaluate if the extra $100/mo to upgrade is worth it to me or if I should just shut down my account with MyVr all-together so I think without the integration I am not sure if the service is worth it.

  • Hi Joshua,

    We can schedule live demos of the MyVR Owner’s Plan - Everything Bundle so you can see how it works in action and ask questions.

    Alternatively, you can activate Advanced Channel Management (Full Integration) as an add-on per channel without changing your plan. You can review the feature details here: Airbnb Full Integration and Full Integration.

    Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions.

    All the best,


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