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    I’m just beginning to test out the Airbnb Integration and one thing I noticed is that it sets the Reservation Preferences so that same day bookers can book until midnight, and that reservations can be booked 12 months out.

    The ability to edit Reservation Preferences is locked in Airbnb, and I can’t find anywhere in MyVR to adjust either of these.

    I don’t mind same day booking, but I want to set an earlier cutoff time (6pm or so), and I prefer to only book 6 or 9 months out. Where can I adjust these?


  • Hi Leron!

    Although you cannot currently designate a “cutoff time” in the MyVR system, you can set up a minimum and maximum booking date for your listings.

    You can edit these settings on Airbnb by updating your booking policy settings in MyVR. To set-up an advance notice, please follow these directions:

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    Hey Leron,

    I’m running into the same thing with preferences being “locked” in Airbnb.

    MyVR support said they may look into opening up the settings on Airbnb.

    I have properties that I’m fine to have open for future rentals on VRBO but on Airbnb I want to limit to only within 60 days (due to their current payout methods).

    Unless you want to add for all properties, there is no way currently to edit booking settings per channel.


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