Success with Google Tag Manager?

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    Has anyone successfully integrated with Google Tag Manager? I have input my tag manager ID but GTM seems to not recognize or be able to deploy any Tags. Anyone from MYVR able to chime in on integrating the Tag manager ID? Do we still need to place code or is that supposed to be done by simply adding the manager ID?

    • Spencer

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    @spencer-k-bailey I've tried it and not been able to figure it out. I think possibly we don't have access to the section of code we need to be able to do this.

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    Can you post a screenshot of where you pasted in both the header and footer codes?

  • MyVR has built in support for Google Tag Manager. For more detailed instructions on where to configure this, see this help article.

    Spencer set this up correctly using MyVR, but encountered a bug which we have since fixed. To get the Google Tag Manager snippet appearing on your website, following the steps in the help article should be sufficient.

    Feel free to reach out in support if you see a bug with this, or post in the community if you simply need further help getting GTM set up.

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