Missing license/registration numbers

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    My three Chicago properties are licensed vacation rentals with the City of Chicago. I have the license number listed within MyVr and previously had it listed on the back end via VRBO.
    In August I got a call from someone saying the were trying to find my property online to write a review - turns out all of my properties were deactived because there was no license number in the listing (even though there was!) The properties were offline for 3 weeks at that time and had I not gotten a call a may not have noticed until months without a booking.
    Now I am checking my listings weekly and I suggest others do the same because I just discovered that once again my license numbers have been removed from my listing (and presumably HomeAway could deactive them again). I have placed a call to HomeAway in order to resolve this problem but it has been 2 days and they have not solved it, as of this morning they are still not showing (although the licenses appear within MyVR).
    They assure me they are working on it and won't take my listings offline, but still .... super frustrating and more ammo to bolster the need for independance.
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