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    I inadvertently his the Send Now option when trying to modify the send date/time for a guests whose Welcome email was queued up for April 2019. I cannot figure out how schedule another Welcome email for this guest - or any type of email. Does anyone have insight on how to schedule an email that is not part of the automation?

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    @mary-freiberg - to my knowledge it can’t be specifically done yet - however, there might be a back door to accomplish this…

    If you change the reservation terms to new terms (create a new quote with identical terms and agree to them for the guest), then I think the outbox refreshes. If it doesn’t work doing that, try changing the arrival date, and then changing it back again (requires two terms changes). That might do it? I suggest that because I’ve found that when I add a night for a guest, it sometimes re-populates messages in the outbox that I’ve already sent.

    Let me know if that works?

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    @jenny-oest Thank you Jenny. I created two new terms (inadvertently an extra one) but that did not trigger the email. I tried changing the dates in a quote and that didn’t trigger anything new, so changed it back in another quote and that didn’t trigger.

    I will figure this out when I get back from vacation. Thank you so much for your help.

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