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    Can MyVR be used to manage multiple beds/rooms such as for a hostel or bed and breakfast?

  • MyVR Employee

    Unfortunately our software doesn't support that Vacation Rental model at this moment. We do understand the demand, and have it on our roadmap for a potential feature.

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    @stephen-polizzi - could you manage each room as a property? Just as we have a condominium with multiple units and shared amenities? We manage each condo as a property within the condominium. I don't think that's any different is it?

  • MyVR Employee

    Yep - that's one way to do it actually. Some users list rooms or units as a single property and then categorize the actual property as a "Group" within MyVR.

    With that said, this MyVR workaround doesn't address the category issue on channels. For example, when direct with Airbnb, property managers/owners can choose "Guest Room" as a category. However, when connected through MyVR to Airbnb, we would default to a whole unit category like "Home" or "Condo". We haven't built the connection to support "Guest Room" quite yet (which adds more specificity to my previous answer).

    @Jenny-Oest - have you designed your properties that way at all? Do you have any recommendations on how to manage it when a single unit/room is listed as a property and then connected as a Group within MyVR?

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    @jess-milligan - my only experience is using each condo as a property within a resort, and then grouping them. I then use the resort group for selecting whether certain info applies or not.

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