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    A couple of our owners also market their properties on the side, and they will put reservations in for guests with Owner Portal as the source, to differentiate these reservations from ones that come through other channels. I’ve noticed when a reservation is put in with Owner Portal as the source, we receive the initial confirmation message that normally goes to the renter. Is this just a copy, and the guest gets it, too? Or do they not receive it? Can someone explain how the messaging works for owner portal reservations? Thanks!

  • Hi @Ann-Karako Where are they entering these reservations? From the portal itself? If they are using the portal, it will send a notification just to you because the purpose of the reservation function within the portal is to block it off for their own use and not to reserve it for guests. I’d need to know where they are creating the reservations from to dig in further.

    Also, you may check your Outbox to see if expected messaging is going out to the renter.

    If you’d like us to look at a specific example, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to take a look!

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    @amber-d They are manually entering them as reservations and then choosing Owner Portal as the source. I think there was a misunderstanding about what the Owner Portal was when we started using MyVR. We don’t even have one. But now we have years of data with Owner Portal as a source that we can’t change, and so we keep using it. But it acts differently, lol.

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