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    I tried to create an API key and received a message that my plan (owners/flexible) doesn't include it. Is there an add-on for API or MyVR.js access, or at what level of plan is that included?

    I'm an owner, not a property manager, and only have 3 properties - I'm just trying to integrate MyVR with my existing website (and I have the developer level knowledge to do so).

  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @Laura-McGlynn!

    Thanks for reaching out on the MyVR community. API access isn't something offered at the Rent By Owner level at the moment. The only plan that currently allows access to the MyVR API is the Property Manager Pro plan.

    This may be something that gets expanded to more plans down the line (or offered as an add-on), there isn't currently an estimated time frame for that though.

    Please let me know if you have questions!


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