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    So If I use the channel management feature on MYVR to integrate I see there is a 1.49% fee. Is this the Stripes processing fee, or is it in addition to the processing fee charged by Stripes?

  • Hi Jill,

    The 1.49% fee is the MyVR channel management fee. The fee supports direct integration with the channel. You pay a 1.49% fee per booking on the net host payout for those reservations accepted through your MyVR-managed listings. This is invoiced at the end of each month. You can view invoices from Settings > Billing > Invoices.

    The Stripe fee is for merchant processing. You can view your Stripe merchant processing rates in Setup > Booking & Payments > Merchant Accounts > click the account name > Accepted Cards & Rates.


    Best Regards,

    Anne Kohn

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