H1, H2 vs H3 etc.

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    Using the text tool, how do I tell which size is which? Sometimes the title widget produces text as all caps, which is considered "shouting" on the net and I cannot change it.

    Apparently Google still pays a significant amount of attention to these.



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    @darrell-looney112 Hi Darrell, I have spent some time on this issue, too. One way to tell is to open up the desired page on your website and then right click anywhere and choose "inspect" -- this will pop up a window that shows all of your html, so you can see when each tag is used. But sometimes MyVR just uses a font style instead, so I'm not sure if there is a consistent rule they are following that when we choose "large" they always use <h2>, for example. You can choose to input the html for text yourself, by sliding an html box onto your webpage rather than a text box. I did that some, but it is a laborious process, and I'm not sure if the SEO benefit of having the correct tags is worth it. I did notice recently that when inputting property descriptions, that box now has an html toggle so you can switch between the usual text editor and the html -- and you can edit the tags that way. But I've only seen that in that one place -- it would be nice if it were included on the other text boxes throughout the website. Hope this helps some, --Ann

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