Additional Smart Tags?

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    Does anyone know how to capture additional data fields not listed on the shortcut menu in a smart tag? Specifically, I want to capture:

    • customer address field
    • customer’s phone number
    • no of adults
    • no of children
    • booking source
    • date booked

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    @jenny-oest I do not know how to do this but am very interested in capturing them in smart tags as well!

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    I think if we could get a list of all smart tags we’d be in business. I would think all data fields would have a smart tag, right?

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    @jenny-oest They should already be stored in variable fields so assigning them to user friendly smart tags does not sound like a big stretch.

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    @matthew-giles - I don’t know if it’s a matter of figuring out the field names to put inside the {{ xx }} or if they need a line of programming code to create those. I experimented with some likely choices for the first idea, but none worked…

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    I’m hoping that @Danny-Eiden or one of our other fabulous MyVR gurus will jump in here to help us out 🙂

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    Hey @Jenny-Oest and @Matthew-Giles ,

    When it comes to smart tags, what we show in the product is currently everything that is available:

    0_1536190883109_Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.43.43 PM.png

    You can also include property custom fields as a smart tag, that doesn’t quite fit what you’re looking for with those reservation detail related smart tags though. There aren’t any ‘hidden’ ones available that you’re able to utilize by defining a certain field name within brackets. That being said, I can definitely see the use case for reservation related smart tags like you’re suggesting. Head on over to our voting page where you’ll be able to suggest it as a feature!

    Let me know if you have any questions!


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    @kevin-poglitsch thanks for letting us know. I have the zapier all figured out to update my QB - only missing those pieces. I think I’m going to switch my 20 votes all to this…

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    Is there an update to a way to create a smart tag for the “Guest Phone Number”.

    @Jenny-Oest did you have any luck with this?

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    @john-klein I haven’t checked recently. I’m still entering my qb manually. 😞

  • @jenny-oest Can someone explain what smart tags can be used for? I’m also trying to automate some admin tasks and not the most tech savvy fella out there 🙂

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    @kevin-yates Smart tags pull specific key fields from your guest profile, your property profile, or your reservation to include in your correspondence. You’ll find a large number of templates across several threads in the community that use these fields.

    These can range from simple to complex.

    On the simple side, you can start your template emails with:

    Hi {{ first_name }},

    and it will populate the {{ first_name }} field with the first name of the guest.

    You can also get more robust and use custom fields too.

    I start my check-in template like this:

    {{ property_name }}
    {{{ }}}

    Arrival Date: {{ check_in }}
    Check-in after {{{ property-data.check-in-time }}}

    Departure Date: {{ check_out }}
    Check-out before {{{ property-data.check-out-time }}}

    Main Door Code: {{{ reservation-data.door-code }}}

    Welcome Book: {{{ property-data.touchstay-welcome-book }}}

    Dear {{ first_name }},**

    One other thing you can do is create custom field that contains a URL link or an uploaded PDF file. That’s a great way to send a guest a copy of the rental agreement, or send them a link to follow for any number of references that you might commonly want them to see (a contract to sign, a blog post to read, mapquest directions, etc.)

    Hope that helps!


  • @jenny-oest ahhh gotcha! Wasn’t familiar with the verbiage but that clears it up. Thanks!

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