Sending MyVR a contact us message

  • Newcomer

    I've been trying to send MyVR a support message for weeks and nothing will submit. I add my detail message and hit Send It. Then it comes up with a message talking about all the details. I click "Yes-Details Included" then it goes no where.

    I can't find a phone number or email address. It's a little frustrating!

    Please help?

  • Newcomer

    @drew-wade Sorry to hear you're having trouble submitting a support ticket! Some browser extensions will cause this issue. You'll need to use a browser with no extensions or try to determine which extension is causing the issue and disable it.

  • MyVR Employee

    @Drew-Wade - Specifically a number of users have had this issue when using Adblockers - such as Ublock, so that's also a good place to start (checking that adblockers are disabled for MyVR).

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