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    My guest's reservation through Homeaway was declined and I don't know why. Is it possible to revive it since it was initiated on Homeaway? I see I can create a new reservation but it will go through MyVR and not Homeaway. If someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. I do not want to irritate this guest any more than I already have!

    Thanks for the help.

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    @roanne-mayer - you can't revive the previous request, but yes you can rebook them with minimal pain for the guest. BUT there are two paths so choose carefully:

    Option 1. You now have their direct contact information, so you will be booking directly on the MyVR platform. You can copy the declined reservation to create a new one, and select to copy the credit cards when you create the new reservation. NOTE that the SOURCE of the inquiry will say MyVR. With this path, you leave it that way. Create the same terms for them as before. Then you can manually agree to the terms or ask the guest to do so, and charge the card.

    • This option will NOT give you booking credit on the HomeAway platform, but it will actually save the guest $$.

    Option 2. Follow the same steps as Option 1, EXCEPT, change the booking source to HomeAway. Then when you create the terms, add a 10% Service Fee to the booking, OR whatever amount was equal to what they were originally going to pay on HomeAway. You may have to ask the guest what their online total was or log into your HA dashboard. Then charge the guest the increased amount.

    • This option will cost you some money: you will be billed 10% by HomeAway for the offline booking at the end of the month, but you will also get HomeAway ranking credit for the booking. Your transaction fees will be higher since you're collecting the 10% and the 10% will be charged on top of the added fee...so you get your HomeAWay credit, but at a cost to you.

    I recommend option #1 at this point. And if the guest saves money, it will make any frustration they've experienced go away 🙂


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    My other suggestion would be to investigate why it was declined?

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    Thank you so very much Jenny. This was super helpful. Learning the ropes slowly!

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