Guest challenge credit card charge through a bank

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    I have a guest that rented a house for a month.
    They showed up 1 day and then decided to leave.
    Their argument is the air quality is bad so we did a test and it came out normal.

    I’m using the default policy for myvr with a 30 day cancel option.

    We did not do anything wrong- they just changed their minds and want their money back despite what the policy reads.

    The have now proceeded to challenge the credit card payment.

    What is my standing in this situation, will the default myvr policy offer significant protection for the bank not to ask for that money back?

    I don’t feel have done anything wrong and I just want to make sure the myvr platform gives me amble protection for when a guest has paid for a trip and proceeded to break the policy that they cannot succeed in that kind of shenanigans.

    I’m using stripe as the merchant and this is who asked to submit our rapport on the matter.


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    @rasmus - I don't know that MyVR is really involved in this transaction. It will be Stripe/you vs the guest and their bank. I think as long as you show your rental agreement and the cancellation policy is clearly stated, you should be OK. Did they book on MyVR or through an integrated site?

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    They booked through an integrated site

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    @rasmus - I'm a little confused. Two questions:

    1. Did they book DIRECTLY on (is that your own website) or through a listing site/OTA like AirBNB, Trip Advisor, HomeAway?
    2. What is the specific wording of your rental agreement regarding cancellation policy?


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    Hi Jenny,

    They book directly on

    I attached the flow they went through so you can the wording that MyVR delivers on the default setting

    0_1534095136205_Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 10.31.33 AM.png

    0_1534095153503_Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 10.31.47 AM.png

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    @rasmus - I see now.

    Do you also have them sign a rental agreement that includes your cancellation policy? I see the check box, but I don't see a link for them to review an uploaded rental agreement. In the absence of one, there are no terms and conditions.

    At this point, if this is what you have, you would show these screens to the credit card company. But the tricky part here is that that is how the screens appear NOW. There is no documentation to show what the terms were at the time of booking. That's why a rental contract is so important. If the guest says that that did not appear when they booked, so they didn't know, could you prove otherwise? You'll have to prove that they knew about the cancellation policy prior to booking.

    Going forward, I'd recommend that you have a clearly spelled out rental contract uploaded (and you're welcome to use mine and tweak it any way you like). I actually have them digitally sign it when they book using HelloSign, AND initial the cancellation policy. If you'd like for me to send it to you, just email me at and I'll send it over to you.

    Hope it works out in your favor!! 🙂

    -- Jenny

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    @rasmus - Recently went through something somewhat similar because guests were "afraid" due inaccurate newspaper articles and hype about Jamaica being under "martial law" (not true).

    The key to success here is to be ready to provide documentation that you have informed your guests of the cancellation policy repeatedly, not just at the time of booking. These should include (I know this now having gone through the process):

    1. When they book
    2. With each transaction associated email (receipts, booking confirmation, etc.)
    3. On your rates page on your site
    4. In the rental agreement language, clear and in it's own section

    Be ready to provide proof of those and any other information such as the air quality tests and results which bolster your argument that the guests simply changed their minds.

    I won my dispute with three out of the four but having everything really helps!

    Good luck!


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    @darrell-looney112 Thank you Darrell - That makes me feel more confident

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    @jenny-oest Do you manually send the agreement to sign, or is it part of the reservation process from the reservation check out page on MyVR? It would be super if it was one of the steps in the check out, but I'm sure that's a feature request to make that optional.

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    @mary-freiberg - at the moment I send it manually. I've been looking into using a link, but without passing custom fields to it, I would have to depend upon the guest filling out fields correctly and they often don't. But I'm learning Zapier so maybe that will have an option. It would be great to have HelloSign integrated into MyVR - but that's a feature request. 🙂

    They actually click to accept the same reservation agreement, but at the top it says that they agree to electronically sign this document within 24 hours or risk cancellation without refund.

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