Different Types of Custom Fields

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    I've used Custom Fields for some time, but they were always of the data type Large Text/HMTL (similar to our messages format).

    Today when I went to set up a new field, I discovered we have a variety of other types of fields too:

    0_1533823054025_Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.55.17 AM.png

    Can anyone tell me how some of these other fields are best used?



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    Hey Jenny,

    Obviously people use custom fields for all sorts of fun things, but here's a couple of examples.

    • Single Line Text - Perhaps you want to track the name of the booking agent on your reservation detail view. Perhaps you want to add a WiFI Access code?
    • Large text / HTML - Maybe embed a matterport 360' video for each property on your property detail pages? Or perhaps you want detailed access instructions for each property.
    • Single Select - More useful for reservation custom fields. Perhaps you want to add a custom dropdown on your reservation detail for tracking if this customer requested beach chairs?
    • File upload - Upload a house manual?
    • User - This is a list of MyVR users in your account, it provides a dropdown - use for reservations to perhaps set who's going to follow up with the customer mid-stay?

    But, I'm sure there are plenty of better ideas out there too!

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    @tristan-brotherton - I thought the custom fields were just for messages? I have the 3D Virtual Tours (like Matterport) on my website - but I'm curious now how you are using custom fields to display them?

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