Active Links in Custom Fields

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    Is anyone using active links in custom fields?

    I've created several with content, but when they appear in the letter, they do not have an active clickable link on them. I've added the URL link within the field, but it doesn't activate.

    Anyone else doing this successfully? Perhaps I've missed something?

    -- Jenny

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    @jenny-oest - it appears that the links DO work...just not in the template in the dashboard. When the email is sent to the guest, the links DO work at that end.

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    So...Here's how I'm using the active links in case this helps anyone else:

    I have a few custom fields that are active links:

    Mapquest directions to the property
    Link for HomeAway/VRBO Review

    I'm going to add some additional ones.

    I have a check-in document with arrival information where I am including the mapquest link. I am also automating my template to request a guest review a few days after the stay.

    Any other ideas for active links in custom fields?

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