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  • Does anyone know how I can check out guests ratings on HomeAway/VRBO before accepting a booking. Our friend who is not using a vr software can see this on his HomeAway dashboard, but is there a way for us to check see it.

    I can only see historical data from before we integrated with MyVr.


  • Leader

    @rikke-page - I have not been able to see anything on my guests other than new traveler.

    0_1533676168788_Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 5.08.34 PM.png

    That said, I would not put much weight on anything an online review says. Most owners or PMs I know would sooner eat shards of glass than to review a guest. I could talk a lot about that, but...

    remember, if a guest has a bad review, they just use a different email and it shows "new traveler", so you're unlikely to see bad comments.

    • Jenny

  • @jenny-oest - thank you. On Airbnb we review most guests good and bad. During the summer we have had some really awful guests and we are trying to weed them out. Too much disruption, damage and time spent sorting out during stay and post departure. At least with Airbnb the platform is more transparent.

    Thanks for your input.


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