Automating Stripe receipts, any updates?

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    There was an inquiry from @Jenny-Oest a while back about automating Stripe receipts to be sent our after a guest makes a payment.
    Any update on this?

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    @carole - I haven't seen anything. I spoke with Stripe a while back about it, and they suggested a "webhook" but I haven't figured out how to do that - so for now, I tell me guests to let me know if they need a receipt, and if so I email it to them through the Stripe receipt function.

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    As I understand it, guests receive an automated email whenever a payment is made whether automatically or manually.

    This is actually pretty useful as you can edit/customize these. One thing to mention, and I posted this under best practices already, is that everyone should be sure to include a copy of your cancellation policy at the bottom of all transaction emails. DO NOT put it in fine print. Normal type. Darrell 0_1532800635012_Transactional emails.PNG

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