Updating property in reservation

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    From time to time a guest will book on our website, but later, after talking with us, decide to book a different one of our properties instead. Often they have often partially paid or paid in full and are moving to a similar property with a similar or same pricing.

    Is there a way to easily change the reservation to reflect the change in property without having to change payment details or re-do other reservation processes?

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    Hi @bethany-siu,

    Thank you for reaching out. You can change the property of a reservation by creating a new quote and setting that quote's terms as the terms for the reservation.

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    @bethany-siu - you can always just change the terms, but if you use the reservation number that contains the property information in other ways, that can sometimes mess you up - so you can always copy the reservation to a new one and then cancel and/or delete the previous one. That will give you a new reservation and a new reservation # as well. That's how I prefer to do it.

    If payments have already been made, it gets trickier - you can't delete the reservation, but you can cancel it without refund, and then record a manual refund on the old reservation (don't refund card) and then record payments made on their due dates on the new reservation. If the security deposit has already been paid, then I'd leave that on the old reservation and cancel it later.

    I know that sounds complicated, but it's a good work-around if you need that reservation number to be consistent with the property.

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    @Jenny-Oest Yes, it's a good work around ... but just imagine if we had a way to actually adjust all of this without needing to cancel the booking :-)..... (walking away now, humming, feature request .... feature request ....)

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    @carole - That's how they build our system! 🙂

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