Way to have Guest contact (i.e. phone/text number) show on calendar???

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    Greetings all;

    Okay perhaps someone has come across this before, maybe not.

    Is there a way that we could have Primary Guest contact phone/text number show up on calendar besides there name?

    Currently I am traveling alot and am off-shore sailing for weeks at a time. It would be helpful if I could look at calendar on smartphone, see incoming Guests conact info and send them a text when property is ready for their arrival.

    Anyone have any answers, solutions, thinks this would be handy feature, etc???

    Thanks and her's to strong winds & calm seas,

    John H

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    Could try adding the number after the name (ex. Jen Doe 450-983-3345) if there isn't a maximum number of characters allowed in the field. Then it should show up for you when you hover over for full information.


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    @john-hughes - sounds like a great idea - but probably a feature request. I'd like to see it too, but I'd hate to have to modify the name field, because that's used in other places. With the calendar syncing to other listing sites, etc. I would hate to see that data exposed in some way.

    I don't know if you use QuickBooks for your financials, but I do that and I enter the guest phone number in the customer database, and then select "SYNC" with my address book. It creates a QuickBooks contacts address book, and then I've added that to my phone. When a guest is entered and "synced" to the address book. it updates my phone. Then when a guest calls, I have their name on caller ID - or if I need to call or text them, I just search for their name (or tell Siri who to call if she's cooperative that day).

    Hope that helps.


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    @John-Hughes - I agree, this sounds like a great idea - especially for our users who are on the go. We don't currently have this option but feel free to submit a feature request for this. We review these regularly!


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    I realize this is an old post but I came up with a solution to this problem and wanted to share. Instead of adding guest details to the calendar export, I opted to create Google Contacts for each guest instead. I added a bunch of custom fields so all reservation information would pop-up on my phone if a guest called.

    I am a huge fan of automation tools like Zapier and Integromat. In this case, I set up an automation in Zapier (aka "zap") to take care of this.


    When a new reservation is booked, contacts are searched to make sure there's not an existing entry. If there is and there's new information, the contact is updated. If not, a new Google contact is created.

    I used to manually add each and every guest to my phone which I hated doing. Each time a guest calls or texts, everything I need to know about them is right where I need it! In case you're curious, here are some screenshots showing the way the Zap is setup as well as the contact card in my phone. I blurred the guest details out.

    Sorry about the image size! I couldn't figure out how to shrink them with markdown!




    0_1547023964548_Screenshot_2019-01-09-02-21-19_censored (1).jpg

    Hope this helps.

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