Exciting Improvements Coming to “FlipKey for RBO” Channel Management

  • MyVR Employee

    We have some big improvements coming this summer to our “FlipKey for Owners” channel management offering. As a reminder, this integration is typically for users with fewer than 5 properties (but not always). The upcoming improvements will radically improve the performance of this channel and drive more bookings, reduce your cost, and make this channel easier to manage.

    Here’s What’s Coming

    Get more bookings!

    • Rank higher with the Online Booking setting
    • list itemRank higher with the Instant Booking setting (upon eligibility)
    • list itemRank higher with easier management of traveler reviews
    • list itemExpanded distribution (including to VacationHomeRentals.com!)

    Pay less!

    • No more need to pay a subscription - pay only when you get a booking
    • list itemPay just for credit card processing as you do today (~3% to TripAdvisor instead of MyVR)

    Easier management with your own TripAdvisor login!

    • Manage traveler reviews right from TripAdvisor
    • list itemRespond to online booking requests in your account or turn on instant
    • list itembookings to automatically accept them
    • list itemReservations will automatically import to MyVR from TripAdvisor
    • list itemExpanded international currency settings

    What You Need to Do

    For now, you don’t need to do anything. We will be working in the coming weeks to provide all existing users of the FlipKey for RBO integration with instructions for how to get up and running on the new integration. Whether you’re on the RBO Flexible Plan, the RBO Everything Bundle, or one of our older legacy plans, MyVR will be in touch regarding this opportunity and what you need to do.

    Once we migrate existing users of this channel, we’ll then open up this opportunity to new RBO plan users wanting to pursue this new and existing integration (likely sometime in July 2018).

    Interested in hearing more? Be sure to click the setting at the bottom of this post to watch this thread for further updates!

  • Newcomer


    How does this impact us as annual MyVR subscription holders...thought the FlipKey subscription is included? What is the pay per booking fee?

  • MyVR Employee

    Great question!

    Going forward, the annual subscription fee for FlipKey will no longer be included in the Everything Bundle cost for MyVR. The pay per booking fees are the same 3% to FlipKey and 1.49% to MyVR that previously existed. So, the upfront cost is lower and the fees to MyVR and FlipKey are contingent on you getting bookings.

    Also, we are handling recently renewed subscriptions on a case-by-case basis since we need users to opt in to the new upgrade (recommended!) before we process next steps.

  • Explorer

    Just wanted to mention that according to Flipkey/TripAdvisor, the only way to be eligible for a "Site of Excellence" designation is NOT to have a subscription plan. So this is another unexpected benefit.


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