Flip Key Error- Health Check

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    Hi there,

    Is anyone here using Flipkey- if so, has anyone else seen this error in the health check? If so can someone elaborate for me? Will this make it not sync correctly, or will it not sync at all? I don' t want to change my structure across the board because of this.

    Can anyone help me out with understanding this a bit better?

    ,.0_1528246207711_Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 5.45.13 PM.png

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    Hi @sam-stone,

    Thanks for reaching out. Those particular warnings do not mean that your listing will not sync altogether, they are warning you that certain fees that you have set up on the property will not sync and carry over to the channel (FlipKey in this case). The warning gives you some specifics about which fees will not appear such as the fee basis. The "Fix it" link should bring you to the fees for the property.

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    I ran into this issue when I added Flip Key. I had to change my fees so that they already included the tax, and then make them not taxable. that will solve the problem for you.


    Cleaning is $100+tax (12%)
    Change it to $112

    -- Jenny

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