How to send split payment requests for reservation guests?

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    I have a guest who normally pays by check. This year he is having each of the guys in his party send in payments. A few want to pay by credit card. What is the best method of sending payment requests for their share or have them go online to make a payment for their share? I have the terms sent to one payment. I am not able to get past the enter credit card page unless I use my credit card to see what comes next - is there an option to specify the dollar amount to pay by credit card?

    Help please?

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    What I have to do when I do this is to break down the over all cost into individual payments each person is to make, separating them onto different due dates and be sure to disable automatic debiting so the wrong card isn't accidentally charged. I can then charge their cards individually (usually works best). I haven't been able to figure out a way to make this process automatic because the emails would have to go out to everyone at the same time and who would know who's bill is which one?

    Hope this helps!


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    @darrell-looney112 Thank you Darrell for the feedback. I was headed down that direction but wasn't thinking of the auto debit. Now that AirBnB has the option to have people share the costs (which I've used and is great) I expect more guests are going to ask for this option. Sounds like a feature request from our community.

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    I just ask them to call me and I will customize their payments. I enter the cards into MyVR, and then I enter a payment schedule that includes each individual payment on the required due date. It's OK if some of the payments are due on the same day. Then, I go back to each one and schedule it to the correct card. Voila - automatic payments process as they have requested. 🙂

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