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    I have a 3 night min. stay at the condo in Aruba...I have a client who is there 8 nights right now and wants to extend by 2 more nights.

    I sent him the quote for the next 2 night stay for payment. Will he be able to pay online being that I have a 3 night min. stay?

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    @alessandra-colandrea - the best way to handle this is to revise the quote for the current stay to include the extra nights. Then send THAT quote. The payment schedule will credit all previous payments toward the new total, and a balance due for the two extra nights.
    When the guest agrees to those revised terms, the payment is processed and the extra nights show booked. The reservation now replaces the previous terms for 8 nights with the new quote for 10.

    BE CAREFUL that you do NOT replace the current terms with only a two night stay. If you do that, you are in essence saying that he isn't staying the first 8 nights and then the system will refund the difference between the two quotes.

    Another option, but one that's probably not as accurate, is to receive his payment info over the phone and then do a off-off charge for the additional amount. But then your system data will not be accurate for reporting and you'll have to manually block the extra dates on the calendar. It's NOT the way I would recommend.


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