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    Hi guys,

    This is my first post. We're in the process of designing our own website via Squarespace (so any tips here would be awesome!)

    I'd like to understand why I am unable to edit (design, content etc) on the "booking page". While we aren''t getting traffic to our website, we do have return guests and I love that I can generate a quote for them and send it off. When they go to move forward, the are redirected to the booking page.

    This page has another large drop down pop up on it that says "BOOK NOW"- I don't want this utilized, because it's redundant and I'm not seeing how to remove it, or a way to visually edit that page as it's grayed out on the backend.
    0_1526496814990_Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.52.50 AM.png

    The button

    0_1526496706276_Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.46.22 AM.png

    the inability to open or select pages

    Can someone give me a hand? Thanks so much.

  • Hi @sam-stone

    Thank you for reaching out. Editing the design and content of the booking page is not a feature we allow. We don't want anyone to break their booking flow and there are also security concerns.

    If you want to remove the book now button, you could do so using custom CSS.

  • Hi @Sam-Stone ,

    Specifically, you could add the following to your global HTML/JavaScript custom head HTML/JavaScript.

    <style type='text/css'>
      .rpp_active #call-to-action-div,
      .rpp_active .navbar {
        visibility: hidden;
        pointer-events: none;


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    That worked perfectly. Thanks Danny!

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