Owner statements, maintenance tracking and cleaning tools

  • My company is at a point where I could really use some tools to help. Specifically in the areas of owner statements, maintenance tracking and cleaning tracking. It looks like MyVR may offer these tools at some point, but I could really use them now. Anyone have a good solution on a 3rd party app or site that works well for these things?


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    I would look into properly for cleaning and we leverage open source database for our maintenance tracking / invoicing. There solutions on zoho as well.

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    Hi Jonathan,

    I've been working this path for a while - and have a longer list of what doesn't work than what does.

    Regarding owner statements, what do you currently use as an accounting package for your business? If using Quickbooks (as I do) you can generate those statements there.

    For cleaning and maintenance, I'm currently using an app called Task Meister - evaluating it. It doesn't have the bells and whistles I'd like, but it does keep items from dropping through the cracks and it doesn't cost my first born son.

    How many properties are you managing?


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