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    Airbnb just began collecting state taxes. I noticed tha t they have a line item for the city accommodation tax, but they didn't collect the 3%.

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    Because Airbnb is already collecting the 9.75% state tax, how would I charge the 3% city tax? I disabled the "include taxes" because I don't want to double charge the guest with the entire 12.75% tax.

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    Thanks for your help.

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    I believe I figured it out.

    I entered the state tax and Gatlinburg Accommodation Tax as separate fees under MyVR "Property" edit "Rental Fees." I left the state tax as a "tax" under Fee Type. I entered the Gatlinburg Accommodation Tax as "Other" under Fee Type.

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    On the MyVR Airbnb integrated channel, I set "Include Taxes" to "No". The Gatlinburg Accommodation Tax is Supported and Synced as an "Other" Fee.

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    If Airbnb decides to collect the Gatlinburg Accommodation Tax, I'll change the "Fee Type" back to tax.

    By taking these steps, Airbnb guests are not overcharged with double taxes. And, it doesn't affect inquiries or bookings from other listing sites.

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