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    I have guests booking a year out and I have a custom rate set for the time period.


    A guest goes in and puts the dates of Jan. 12, 2019 to Feb. 23, 2019 which is a 42 night stay.
    This time of year is our High Season and we do monthly rates as well as weekly.

    Quote Calculations for a 42 night stay should be: Monthly Rate @ $4090 (30 nights) + Weekly Rate @ $1945
    (7 nights) + Nightly Rate @ $278 (5 nights) = $7425 (42 nights total)

    However, when the guest goes online to do a Quote Calculation they see $5726 for the 42 night stay.

    0_1525790911730_Plan Your Stay.jpeg

    I reviewed the Pro-Rating that MyVR uses. Because of this this threshold being set in the background the 12 days additional the guest is requesting defaults to our monthly rate divided by 30 nights or $136.33 a night for the 12 extra nights. This reflects as a loss of $$$ for this quote of $1699.

    0_1525790991133_Pro Rating.jpeg

    My question is, Is it possible for the threshold to default to a weekly rate after the monthly of 30 nights is met?
    Then the daily rate?

    Currently, I go in and adjust the quote on my end to reflect the rates for the stay and then explain to the guest how the rate was determined. I have guests inquiring and aren't to happy when I explain that isn't the actual amount of the stay.

    Is there another way to fix this?

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    Hi @carol-hagemann

    Great question, thanks for reaching out. Currently any stay over 30 days will be calculated and pro-rated based upon the monthly rate. It's currently not possible for the threshold to default to a weekly rate after the 30 nights is met. I encourage you to suggest this as a potential feature.

    For right now, the best way to accomplish the pro-rating you seek would be what you're already doing - adjusting the quote on your end.

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    Thanks Wendy for your quick response! I will certainly suggest this as a feature.

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