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    I have been struggling with this for MONTHS. I have not had success with tracking bookings yet, because I don't know for sure how to set it up correctly. The Adwords tag I installed on the booking page currently says "tag inactive." Does that mean NO ONE has come from Adwords and then booked? That doesn't seem right... ALSO, I would really like to be able to track when people contact us by submitting the contact form or an inquiry. But in order to do that, I need to put tracking code on the links they click to submit their information. Is this possible? Can I give you guys the code and have you install it for me? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Ann,

    Thanks for posting in the community, I'd be happy to help you. I took a quick look at your account and see you have setup Google Analytics for your website. By providing your analytics ID, we include the Google Analytics JavaScript snippet on all pages of your website, including the checkout process. So you should be able to track all page views on your site in Google Analytics, including the checkout process and booking confirmation page.

    AdWords Tag on Booking Page
    As you've noticed, you can provide custom JavaScript code to include on the booking confirmation page. This is a great place for something like a Google AdWords tag, as it will allow you to track users who complete the online booking process. To setup a custom JavaScript include on the booking confirmation page of your website, navigate to the website in question in your account, select "Additional Options" > "JavaScript / CSS". Scroll to the bottom of this page for the box titled "Booking Confirmation Page HTML/Javascript". Place any custom HTML or JavaScript you like in this box. It will be included on the booking confirmation page renters see when completing an online booking.

    Tracking Inquiries & Contact Forms Submissions with Google Analytics
    We actually provide this out of the box with our Google Analytics setup using Events. Every time a visitors to your website submits an inquiry, generates a quote, or submits a contact request, we trigger a Google Analytics "Event" with the details. We categorize these by property (excluding the Contact event, which isn't associated with a property) so you can easily see activity for individual properties. In Google Analytics, navigate to "Behavior" and then "Events".

    I hope this helps!


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    @mike-stachowiak - don't suppose you'd be willing to teach a "Google Analytics 101" for the rest of us?:)

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