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  • What have people been doing about Privacy Notices? I don’t seem to have one on my site and believe that I should have one. Does MyVR have a privacy notice template page we can add to our website or any other advice/assistance on how to do this? I’m thinking that at a minimum, the inquiry page needs a link to this notice since we’re asking for personal information.

    Related to privacy concerns and data collection, I’ve been seeing on-line marketing bloggers posting about General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliance effective May 25, 2018 (European Union law). I’ve only had a few guests from the EU, but wondered what others are doing to be compliant. (In brief, it appears that we need a special consent and notice to continue to communicate with EU guests.)


  • Hi @jody-nakashima,

    Thank you for reaching out. We don’t provide any privacy notice template page but one way to tackle this would be to add your own privacy policy page and then add a link to that privacy policy page in the footer of your website. In order to access those links in the footer and add one you will need to use the layout editor to edit your site.

  • Explorer

    @jody-nakashima Hi Jody, I’m curious what you decided to do? I understand that Google has been fined for GDPR violations and that California has passed their own rules about privacy.

    I should add I utilize MyVR for my website, so if there are others who have a solution and use MyVR for their website, I’d like to know how you handle the privacy notice situations.

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