AirBnB settings all grayed out

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    I want to tweak my Airbnb preferences and when i go to my listing settings, all options are grayed out and I cannot edit. “how guests can book” is grayed out, “house rules” is grayed out, “guests requirements” are all grayed out. I need to find a fix so i can control who instant books my house.

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    Hey Sonia,

    Thanks for posting in the community, I’d be happy to help you with this. The listing settings you encountered that are grayed out are disabled for integrated listings. Airbnb doesn’t allow modifications to these settings from within Airbnb, you should modify these settings from within MyVR.

    Regarding the instant booking setting in particular, this setting cannot be changed with integrated listings. Airbnb requires it to be on, this is a limitation of the integration. You can read more about how the integration works by viewing the Airbnb Application within your account. There is a full breakdown of how it works:

    Click on “Listing Sync Details” which covers some of the above information. I hope this helps!


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