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    So when sending a price quote through the MYVR platform, it sends the renter the rental rates and all fees associated EXCEPT Homeaway/VRBO service fee to guest.

    So when I am typing a price quote up to a homeaway inquiry and sending to a guest in MYVR I really have no idea how much it will actually cost the renter is that correct?

    Can the renter actually book the room through my quote? How does that work? What if I plan on sending a quote with a discount applied?


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    Hi @chad-service,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We do not have knowledge of the guest/service fee that HomeAway/VRBO applies. HomeAway/VRBO charges that directly to the guest upon confirmation of a booking. This set up means that a HomeAway-sourced booking in your account will have two separate charges from different places for the guest - the service fee charged by HomeAway, and the reservation's payments (rent, fees, deposit, etc.) charged by MyVR.

    If the listing is managed within MyVR, sending a quote in response to a HomeAway/VRBO inquiry is not advisable because the guest will always be funneled back to the HomeAway/VRBO listing to make the booking (HomeAway strips out any pre-booking links from messages - so the MyVR Book Now link will not be delivered). On the HomeAway/VRBO listing, a quote is generated automatically using the setting in the MyVR account. So if you manually send a quote, it could be different than what the guest actually gets charged at booking.

    One workaround in the event you negotiate a non-standard rate with an HomeAway-sourced guest prior to booking, is to set up a special event rate in MyVR for just the dates proposed - that way you can match up just that time period to whatever was negotiated.

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    @wendy-gold - I work around that another way by just saying "The best available total for your stay is attached." or "The best available total for your stay is $X.XX (MY PRICE). This does not include any service fees added by the listing site you are using for your search. " I found with so many properties, I can't log into VRBO dashboard for every quote to see what the service fee will be. - Jenny

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