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    I have been using MYVR for 4 years and am now ready to add a 2nd property to our website. I added all of the information (lots of hours involved) before realizing that I needed to upgrade to a multi-property site to support more than one property. I then was told that there is no smooth transition and that EVERYTHING must be entered again, and that I must create the site from scratch as though I am starting all over. Can this be true? I am hoping I have misunderstood something. Please HELP!

  • Hi @linda-dorothy,

    There currently isn’t a way to convert a single property site into a multi-property site. You would have to create the multi-property website as a new website, meaning that you will need to set it up again. If you’d like to be able to convert a single property website into a multi-property website, feel free to suggest is as a feature to vote on.

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